pāl- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root pāl-: catapult, feel, palp, palpable, palpate, palpebra, pavilion, psalm, psaltery, sprachgefühl.


To touch, feel, shake.

Earlier *peh2l-, colored to *pah2l-, becoming *pāl-.
a. feel from Old English fēlan, to examine by touch, feel;
b. sprachgefühl from Old High German vuolen, to feel. Both a and b from Germanic *fōljan, to feel.
2. Reduplicated zero-grade form *pal-p- (from *pəl-p(ə)-.
a. palp from Latin palpus, a touching;
b. palpable, palpate1, palpitate from Latin palpārī, palpāre, to stroke gently, touch;
c. palpebra from Latin palpebra, eyelid (< "that which shakes or moves quickly").
3. Perhaps expressive reduplicated form *pal-pal-. papilionaceous, papillon, papillote, pavilion from Latin pāpiliō, butterfly.
4. Perhaps suffixed zero-grade form *pal-yo-. catapult from Greek pallein, to sway, brandish.
5. Perhaps suffixed form *psal-yo-. psalm, psaltery from Greek psallein, to pluck, play the harp (but more likely of imitative origin).

[Pokorny 1. G. pel- 801, polo- 841.]

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