ped- / Indo-European roots



Derivatives include foot, fetter, pioneer, millipede, impeach, pajamas, fetch1, pessimism, impeccable.

I. Nominal root.
1. Lengthened o-grade form *pōd-. a. foot from Old English fōt, foot; b. foosball from Old High German fuoz, foot. Both a and b from Germanic *fōt-.
2. Suffixed form *ped-ero-. fetter from Old English fetor, feter, leg iron, fetter, from Germanic *feterō.
3. Suffixed form *ped-el-. fetlock from Middle English fitlock, fetlock, fetlock, from a Germanic source akin to Old High German vizzelach, fetlock, from Germanic *fetel-.
4. Basic form *ped-. pawn2, -ped, pedal, pedate, pedestrian, pedi-, pedicel, peduncle, peon, pes, pioneer; millipede, sesquipedal, tripedal, trivet, vamp1 from Latin pēs (stem ped-), foot.
5. Suffixed form *ped-yo-. a. expedite from Latin expedīre, to free from a snare (ex-, out of; see eghs); b. impede from Latin impedīre, "to put in fetters, hobble, shackle" entangle, hinder (in-, in; see en).
6. Suffixed form *ped-ikā-. impeach from Latin pedica, fetter, snare.
7. O-grade form *pod-. a. pew, -pod, podium; antipodes, apodal, appoggiatura, Apus, chenopod, lycopodium, macropod, monopodium, octopus, Oedipus, pelecypod, phalarope, platypus, podagra, podiatry, podophyllin, polyp, polypod, rhizopus, sympodium, xenopus from Greek pous (stem pod-), foot; b. podzol from Russian pod, under.
8. Suffixed form *ped-ya. trapezium from Greek peza, foot.
9. Suffixed form *ped-o-. a. pedo-1, pedon; parallelepiped from Greek pedon, ground, soil; b. pada, paisa, pice, pie3, pug3 from Sanskrit padam, footstep, foot, and pāt, foot; c. charpoy, pajama, teapoy from Middle Persian pāī, leg, foot; d. lengthened-grade form *pēd-o-. (i) pilot from Greek pēdon, rudder, steering oar; (ii) diapedesis from Greek pēdān, to leap..
10. Suffixed form ped-ī-. cypripedium from Greek pedilon, sandal.
II. Verbal root *ped-, to walk, stumble, fall.
1. fetch1 from Old English fetian, feccean, to bring back, from Germanic *fetēn.
2. a. Suffixed (comparative) form *ped-yos-. pejoration; impair from Latin pēior, worse (< "stumbling"); b. suffixed (superlative) form *ped-samo-. pessimism from Latin pessimus, worst; c. suffixed form *ped-ko-. peccadillo, peccant, peccavi; impeccable from Latin peccāre, to stumble, sin. a-c all from Latin *ped-.

[Pokorny 2. pē̆d- 790.]

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