peiə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root peiə-: fat, Irish, Pierian Spring, piña cloth, pine, pineal, pinnace, piñon, Pinot, pip, pituitary, propionic acid.


To be fat, swell.

Derivatives include fat, pituitary, Irish.

I. Zero-grade form *pī- (contracted from *piə-).
1. Possibly suffixed form *pī-tu-. pip5, pituitary from Latin pītuīta, moisture exuded from trees, gum, phlegm.
2. Possibly suffixed form *pī-nu-. pine1, pineal, pinnace, piñon, Pinot; piña cloth from Latin pīnus, pine tree (yielding a resin).
3. Suffixed form *pī-won-. propionic acid from Greek pīōn, fat.
4. Suffixed form *pī-wer-, "fat, fertile" a. Erse, Irish from Old English Īras, the Irish, from *Īwer-iū, the prehistoric Celtic name for Ireland; b. Pierian Spring from Greek Pīeriā, a region ofMacedonia, from *Pīwer-iā-.
II. Extended o-grade form *poid-. fat from Old English fǣt(t), fat, from Germanic past participle *faitidaz, fattened, from derivative verb *faitjan, to fatten, from *faitaz, plump, fat.

[Pokorny pei̯(ə)- 793.]

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