pekʷ- / Indo-European roots


To cook, ripen.

1. Assimilated form (in Italic and Celtic) *kwekw-.
a. cook, cuisine, kitchen, quittor; apricot, biscotto, biscuit, charcuterie, concoct, decoct, precocious, ricotta, sancocho, terra cotta from Latin coquere, to cook;
b. culinary, kiln from Latin culīna, kitchen, deformed from coquīna.
2. pepo; pumpkin from Greek pepōn, ripe.
3. peptic, peptize; drupe, eupeptic, pepsin, peptone from Greek peptein, to cook, ripen, digest (> peptos, cooked).
4. dyspepsia from Greek -pepsiā, digestion.
5. pukka; pakora from Sanskrit pakva-, ripe.
6. ceviche; escabeche from Old Iranian *-pāka-, cooked (Avestan -pāka-).

[Pokorny pek̒ͧ- 798.]

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