peku- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root peku-: fee, fellow, feud, impecunious, pecorino, peculate, peculiar, pecuniary.


Wealth, movable property.

Oldest form *pek̑u-, becoming *peku- in centum languages.
a. fellow from Old Norse , property, cattle;
b. fee, fief; enfeoff, feoffment from Old French fie, fief, and Old English feoh, cattle, goods, money;
c. feud2 from Medieval Latin feudum, feudal estate. a-c all from Germanic *fehu-.
2. pecorino from Latin pecus, cattle.
3. Suffixed form *peku-n-. pecuniary; impecunious from Latin pecūnia, property, wealth.
4. Suffixed form *peku-l-. peculate, peculiar from Latin pecūlium, riches in cattle, private property.

[In Pokorny 2. pek̑- 797.]

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