petə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root petə-: expand, fathom, pace, pan, pandy, passim, paten, patent, patulous, petal, petasos, repand.


To spread.

Oldest form *peth2-.

Derivatives include fathom, patent, compass.

1. Suffixed o-grade form *pot(ə)-mo-. fathom from Old English fæthm, fathom, from Germanic *fathmaz, "length of two arms stretched out"
2. Suffixed (stative) variant zero-grade form *pat-ē-. patent, patulous from Latin patēre, to be open.
3. Probably variant zero-grade form in remade nasalized form *pat-no-. pace1, pandy, pas, paseo, pass, passé, passim; compas, compass, expand, Paso Fino, pasqueflower, passacaglia, passage1, passage2, passport, repand, spawn from Latin pandere (past participle passus < *pat-to-), to spread out.
4. Suffixed form *pet-alo-. petal from Greek petalon, leaf.
5. Suffixed form *pet-ano-. paella, pan1, paten, patina1, patina2 from Greek patanē (? < *petanā-), platter, "thing spread out"
6. petasos from Greek petasos, broad-brimmed hat, from Greek suffixed form *peta-so-.

[Pokorny 1. pet- 824.]

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