peuk- / Indo-European roots


To prick.

Oldest forms *peuk̑-, *peug̑-, becoming *peuk-, *peug- in centum languages. Zero-grade form *pug-.
1. Suffixed form *pug-no-. poniard, pugilism, pugil stick, pugnacious; impugn, oppugn, repugn from Latin pugil, pugilist, and pugnus, fist, with denominative pugnāre, to fight with the fist.
2. Nasalized zero-grade form *pu-n-g-. bung, pink2, poignant, point, pointillism, pontil, pounce1, pounce3, puncheon1, punctilio, punctual, punctuate, puncture, pungent; bontebok, compunction, expunge, spontoon, trapunto from Latin pungere, to prick.
3. pygmaean, Pygmy from Greek pugmē, fist.
4. Seen by some as the base of Germanic fuk(k)- in words related to sexual intercourse, but uncertain. fuck

[Pokorny peuk̑- 828.]

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