plek- / Indo-European roots


To plait.

Extension of pel-2. Oldest form *plek̑-, becoming *plek- in centum languages.

Derivatives include flax, pliant, perplex.

1. Suffixed o-grade form *plok-so-. flax from Old English fleax, flax, from Germanic *flahsam, flax.
2. Full-grade form *plek-. multiplex from Latin -plex, -fold (in compounds such as duplex, twofold; see dwo-)
3. plait, pleat, pliant, plica, plicate, plight1, plissé, ply1; apply, complicate, complice, deploy, display, employ, explicate, explicit, exploit, implicate, implicit, replicate, reply, splay from Latin plicāre, to fold (also in compounds used as denominatives of words in -plex, genitive -plicis).
4. Suffixed forms *plek-to- and *plek-t-to-. pleach, plexus; amplexicaul, amplexus, complect, complex, perplexed from Latin plectere (past participle plexus), to weave, plait, entwine.
5. plecopteran from Greek plekein, to plait, twine, and plektos, twisted.

[Pokorny plek̑- 834.]

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