poti- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root poti-: omnipotent, Padishah, podesta, possess, possible, potent, power, prepotent, vanaspati.


Powerful; lord.

1. podesta, possess, power from Latin potis (> *pots > pos-), powerful, able.
2. possible, potent; impotent, omnipotent, prepotent from Latin compound posse, to be able (contracted from potis, able + esse, to be; see es-)
3. Form *pot-.
a. Compound *ghos-pot- (see ghos-ti-);
b. compound *dems-pot- (see dem-).
a. vanaspati from Sanskrit patiḥ, lord;;
b. bashaw, Padishah, pasha from Old Persian pati-, master. Both a and b from Indo-Iranian *pati-, lord.

[Pokorny poti-s 842.]

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