reidh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root reidh-: array, curry, palfrey, raddle, raid, ready, ride, ritter, road.


To ride.

Derivatives include raid, road, array.

I. Basic form *reidh-.
1. ride from Old English rīdan, to ride, from Germanic *rīdan.
2. palfrey from Latin verēdus, post horse, from Celtic *wo-rēd- (*wo-, under; see upo)
II. O-grade form *roidh-.
1. a. raid, road from Old English rād, a riding, road, from Germanic *raid-; b. raddle1 from Middle High German reidel, rod between upright stakes (< "wooden horse"), possibly from Germanic *raid- (see a).
2. Probably Germanic *raid-ja-. ready; already from Old English ræde, geræde, ready (< "prepared for a journey").
3. Probably Germanic *raidjan. raiment; array, curry1 from Vulgar Latin *-rēdāre, to arrange.

[Pokorny reidh- 861.]

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