reup- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root reup-: abrupt, bankrupt, bereave, corrupt, disrupt, erupt, interrupt, irrupt, loot, reave, rip, rob, robe, rout, rover, rubato, ruble, rupicolous, rupture, usurp.


To snatch.

Derivatives include bereave, rob, usurp, bankrupt.

I. Basic form *reub-. rip1 from Flemish rippen, to rip, from Germanic *rupjan.
II. O-grade form *roup-.
1. a. reave from Old English rēafian, to plunder; b. bereave from Old English berēafian, to take away (be-,bi-, intensive prefix; see ambhi); c. rover2 from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German roven, to rob. a-c all from Germanic *(bi-)raubōn.
2. a. rob from Old French rober, to rob; b. rubato from Italian rubare, to rob. Both a and b from a Romance borrowing from Germanic *raubōn, to rob.
3. robe; garderobe from Old French robe, robe (< "clothes taken as booty"), from Germanic *raubō, booty.
4. Suffixed form *roup-tro-. loot from Sanskrit loptram, booty.
5. ruble from Old Russian rubiti, to chop, hew, from Slavic *rubje/a-.
III. Zero-grade form *rup-.
1. usurp from Latin ūsūrpāre (< *ūsu-rup-; ūsus, use, usage, from ūtī, to use), originally "to interrupt the orderly acquisition of something by the act of using" whence to take into use, usurp.
2. Nasalized zero-grade form *ru-m-p-. rout1, rupture; abrupt, bankrupt, corrupt, disrupt, erupt, interrupt, irrupt, rupicolous from Latin rumpere, to break.

[In Pokorny 2. reu- 868.]

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