sē- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root sē-: colza, disseminate, season, seed, semé, semen, seminary, sow.


To sow.

Contracted from *seə1-.
1. sow1 from Old English sāwan, to sow, from Germanic *sēan.
2. Suffixed form *sē-ti-, sowing.
a. seed from Old English sǣd, seed;
b. colza from Middle Dutch saet and Middle Low German sāt, seed. Both a and b from Germanic *sēdiz, seed.
3. Reduplicated zero-grade form *si-s(ə)-. season from Latin serere, to sow, satiō (< *sə-tiō), sowing.
4. Suffixed form *sē-men-, seed. semé, semen, seminary; disseminate, inseminate, sinsemilla from Latin sēmen, seed.

[In Pokorny 2. sē(i)- 889.]

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