sak- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root sak-: consecrate, corposant, execrate, sacerdotal, sacred, sacrosanct, saint, sanctify.


To sanctify.

1. Suffixed form *sak-ro-.
a. sacred, sacristan, sexton; consecrate, execrate from Latin sacer, holy, sacred, dedicated;
b. compound *sakro-dhōt-, "performer of sacred rites" (*-dhōt-, doer; see dhē-) sacerdotal from Latin sacerdōs, priest.
2. Nasalized form *sa-n-k-. saint, sanctum; corposant, sacrosanct, sanctify from Latin sancīre (past participle sānctus), to make sacred, consecrate.

[Pokorny sak- 878.]

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