sent- / Indo-European roots


To head for, go.

1. widdershins from Old High German sin(d), direction, from Germanic form *sinthaz.
2. Suffixed (causative) o-grade form *sont-eyo-. send1 from Old English sendan, to send, from Germanic *sandjan, to cause to go.
3. Suffixed o-grade form *sont-o-. godsend from Old English sand, message, messenger, from Germanic *sandaz, that which is sent.
4. Perhaps suffixed form *sent-yo-. scent, sense, sensillum, sentence, sentient, sentiment, sentinel; assent, consent, dissent, presentiment, resent, sensu lato, sensu stricto from Latin sentīre, to feel (< "to go mentally").

[Pokorny sent- 908.]

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