seuə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root seuə-: hyetal, isohyet, sip, soak, son, sop, sopaipilla, soup, succulent, suck, suction, suctorial, sup.


To give birth.

Oldest form *suhx-. Suffixed zero-grade form in derivative noun *su(hx)-nu-, son. son from Old English sunu, son, from Germanic *sunuz.

[Pokorny 2. seu- 913.]


To take liquid.

Oldest form *suhx-.

Derivatives include soup, soak, succulent.

I. Suffixed zero-grade form *suə-yo-, contracted to *sū-yo-. hyetal; isohyet from Greek hūetos, rain, from hūein, to rain.
II. Possible extended zero-grade form *sūb-.
1. a. sup1 from Old English sūpan, sūpian, to drink, sip; b. soup, sup2 from Old French soup(e), soup; c. sopaipilla from Old Spanish sopa, food soaked in liquid. a-c all from Germanic *sūp-.
2. a. sop from Old English sopp- in soppcuppe, cup for dipping bread in, from Germanic *supp-; b. sip from Middle English sippen, to sip, from a source probably akin to Low German sippen, to sip, possibly from Germanic *supp-.
III. Possible extended zero-grade form *sūg-.
1. suck from Old English sūcan, to suck, from Germanic *sūk-.
2. soak from Old English socian, to steep, from Germanic shortened form *sukōn.
3. suction, suctorial; prosciutto from Latin sūgere, to suck.
4. Variant form *sūk-. succulent from Latin sūcus, succus, juice.

[Pokorny 1. seu- 912.]

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