slēg- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root slēg-: algolagnia, catalectic, lagomorph, languid, languish, lax, lease, relax, slack.


To be slack, be languid.

Possibly related to slēb- through a hypothetical base *slē- (< earlier *sleə1-). Zero-grade form *sləg-, becoming *slag-.
1. slack1 from Old English slæc, "loose" indolent, careless, from Germanic *slak-.
2. Suffixed form *lag-so-. lax, lease, lessor; relax, release, relish from Latin laxus, loose, slack.
3. Suffixed nasalized form *la-n-g-u-. laches, languid, languish, lush1 from Latin languēre, to be languid.
4. Compound *lag-ous-, "with drooping ears" (*ous-, ear; see ous-) lagomorph from Greek lagōs, lagos, hare.
5. Suffixed form *lag-no-. algolagnia from Greek lagnos, lustful, lascivious.
6. Basic form *slēg-. catalectic from Greek lēgein, to leave off.

[Pokorny (s)lēg- 959.]

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