sleubh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root sleubh-: cowslip, lubricate, lubricious, lubricity, oxlip, sleeve, slip, slop, sloven.


To slide, slip.

Derivatives include sleeve, lubricate, slop1.

I. Basic form *sleubh-.
1. sleeve from Old English slēf, slīf, slīef, sleeve (into which the arm slips), from Germanic *sleub-.
2. sloven from Middle Low German slôven, to put on clothes carelessly, from Germanic *slaubjan.
3. Suffixed form *sleubh-ro-. lubricate, lubricity, lubricious from Latin lūbricus, slippery.
II. Variant Germanic root form *sleup-.
1. a. slip3; cowslip, oxlip from Old English slypa, slyppe, slipa, slime, slimy substance; b. slop1 from Old English *sloppe, dung; c. slop2 from Old English (ofer)slop, surplice. a-c all from Germanic *slup-.
2. sloop from Middle Dutch slūpen, to glide.

[Pokorny sleub(h)- 963.]

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