sol- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root sol-: catholic, consolidate, holo-, safe, sage, salubrious, salutary, salute, salvage, salvo, save, solemn, solicitous, solid.



(oldest form *solh2-).

Derivatives include solid, catholic, salvo.

I. Basic form *sol-.
1. Suffixed form *sol-ido-. solder, soldier, solid, sou; consolidate from Latin solidus, solid.
2. Suffixed form *sol-wo-. holo-; catholic from Greek holos, whole.
3. Dialectal geminated form *soll-o-. a. solicit, solicitous; insouciant from Latin sollus, whole, entire, unbroken; b. solemn from Latin sollemnis (second element obscure), celebrated at fixed dates (said of religious rites), established, religious, solemn.
II. Variant form *solə-.
1. Suffixed zero-grade form sl̥ə-u- giving *sal-u-. salubrious, salutary, salute from Latin salūs, health, a whole or sound condition.
2. Suffixed zero-grade form *sl̥ə-wo- giving *sala-wo-. safe, sage2, salvage, salvo1, salvo2, save1, save2 from Latin salvus, whole, safe, healthy, uninjured.

[Pokorny solo- 979.]

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