steigh- / Indo-European roots


To stride, step, rise.

Derivatives include stirrup, acrostic, stair.

I. Basic form *steigh-. sty2; stirrup from Old English stīgan, to go up, rise, from Germanic *stīgan.
II. Zero-grade form *stigh-.
1. stile1 from Old English stigel, series of steps, from Germanic *stigila-.
2. Suffixed form *stigh-to-. stickle from Old English stiht(i)an, to settle, arrange, from Germanic *stihtan, "to place on a step or base"
3. Suffixed form *stigh-o-. stich; acrostic, cadastre, distich, hemistich, pentastich, stichometry, stichomythia from Greek stikhos, row, line, line of verse.
III. O-grade form *stoigh-.
1. Suffixed form *stoigh-ri-. stair from Old English stǣger, stair, step, from Germanic *staigrī.
2. stoichiometry from Greek stoikheion, shadow line, element.

[Pokorny steigh- 1017.]

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