stel- / Indo-European roots


To put, stand; with derivatives referring to a standing object or place.

Derivatives include apostle, stallion, pedestal, stilt, stout.

I. Basic form *stel-.
1. Suffixed form *stel-ni-. still1 from Old English stille, quiet, fixed, from Germanic *stilli-.
2. Suffixed form *stel-yo-. apostle, diastole, epistle, peristalsis, systaltic from Greek stellein, to put in order, prepare, send, make compact (with o-grade and zero-grade forms stol- and stal-).
II. O-grade form *stol-.
1. Suffixed form *stol-no-. a. stall1; forestall from Old English steall, standing place, stable; b. stale1; installment1 from Old French estal, place; c. stallion from Anglo-Norman estaloun, stallion; d. pedestal from Old Italian stallo, stall; e. install from Medieval Latin stallum, stall; f. gestalt from Old High German stellen, to set, place, from Germanic denominative *stalljan. a-f all from Germanic *stalla-.
2. Suffixed form *stol-ōn-. stolon from Latin stolō, branch, shoot.
3. Suffixed form *stol-ido-. stolid from Latin stolidus, "firm-standing" stupid.
4. Suffixed form *stol-ā-. a. stalk1 from Old English stalu, upright piece, stalk, from Germanic *stalō; b. stole1 from Greek stolē, garment, array, equipment.
III. Zero-grade form *stl̥-.
1. Suffixed form *stl̥-to-. stultify from Latin stultus, foolish (< "unmovable, uneducated").
2. Suffixed zero-grade form *stl̥-no-. stull, stollen from Old High German stollo, post, support, from Germanic *stullōn-.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *stal-nā-. stele from Greek stēlē, pillar.
IV. Extended form *steld-. a. stilt from Middle English stilte, crutch, stilt, from a source akin to Low German and Flemish stilte, stick, from Germanic *stiltjōn-; b. zero-grade form *stl̥d-. stout from Old French estout, stout, from Germanic *stult-, "walking on stilts" strutting..

[Pokorny 3. stel- 1019.]

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