syū- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root syū-: couture, hymen, Kamasutra, seam, sew, souvlaki, subulate, sutra, suture.


To bind, sew.

Oldest form *s(y)uhx-, becoming *s(y)ū-.
I. Basic form *syū-. sew from Old English seowian, siowan, to sew, from Germanic *siwjan.
II. Variant form *sū-.
1. seam from Old English sēam, seam, from Germanic *saumaz.
2. suture; accouter, couture from Latin suere (past participle sūtus), to sew.
3. Suffixed form *sū-dhlā-. souvlaki, subulate from Latin sūbula, awl (< "sewing instrument").
4. Suffixed form *sū-tro-. sutra; Kamasutra from Sanskrit sūtram, thread, string.
III. Suffixed shortened form *syu-men-. hymen from Greek humēn, thin skin, membrane.

[Pokorny si̯ū- 915.]

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