tag- / Indo-European roots


To touch, handle.

1. Nasalized form *ta-n-g-. tact, tangent, tangible, task, taste, tax; attain, contact, intact from Latin tangere, to touch, with derivatives taxāre, to touch, assess (possibly a frequentative of tangere, but probably influenced by Greek tassein, taxai, to arrange, assess), and tāctus, touch.
2. Compound form *n̥-tag-ro-, "untouched, intact" (*n̥-, negative prefix; see ne) entire, integer, integrate, integrity from Latin integer, intact, whole, complete, perfect, honest.
3. Suffixed form *tag-smen-. contaminate from Latin contāmināre, to corrupt by mixing or contact (< *con-tāmen-, "bringing into contact with"; con-, com-, with; see kom)

[Pokorny tag- 1054.]

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