teks- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root teks-: architect, context, dachshund, dassie, pretext, subtle, technical, technology, tectonic, text, tiller, tissue, toil.


To weave; also to fabricate, especially with an ax; also to make wicker or wattle fabric for (mud-covered) house walls.

Oldest form *tek̑s-, becoming *teks- in centum languages.

Derivatives include text, tissue, subtle, architect, technology.

1. text, tissue; context, pretext from Latin texere, to weave, fabricate.
2. Suffixed form *teks-lā-.
a. tiller2, toil2 from Latin tēla, web, net, warp of a fabric, also weaver's beam (to which the warp threads are tied);
b. subtle from Latin subtīlis, thin, fine, precise, subtle (< *sub-tēla, "thread passing under the warp" the finest thread; sub, under; see upo).
3. Suffixed form *teks-ōn-, weaver, maker of wattle for house walls, builder (possibly contaminated with *teks-tōr, builder) tectonic; architect from Greek tektōn, carpenter, builder.
4. Suffixed form *teks-nā-, craft (of weaving or fabricating) technical, polytechnic, technology from Greek tekhnē, art, craft, skill.
a. dachshund from Old High German dahs, badger;
b. dassie from Middle Dutch das, badger. Both a and b from Germanic *thahsuz, badger, possibly from this root ("the animal that builds" referring to its burrowing skill) but more likely borrowed from the same pre-Indo-European source as the Celtic totemic name *Tazgo- (as in Gaulish Tazgo-, Gaelic Tadhg), originally "badger".

[Pokorny tek̑þ- 1058.]

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