telə- / Indo-European roots


To lift, support, weigh; with derivatives referring to measured weights and thence to money and payment.

Oldest form *telh2-.

Derivatives include tolerate, retaliate, tantalize, Atlas, translate, extol.

1. Suffixed form *telə-mon-. telamon from Greek telamōn, supporter, bearer.
2. Suffixed form *tel(ə)-es-.
a. toll1; philately from Greek telos, tax, charge;
b. tolerate from Latin tolerāre, to bear, endure.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *tl̥ə-i-. talion; retaliate from Latin tāliō, reciprocal punishment in kind, possibly "something paid out" from *tali- (influenced by tālis, such).
4. Suffixed variant zero-grade form *tala-nt-. talent from Greek talanton, balance, weight, any of several specific weights of gold or silver, hence the sum of money represented by such a weight.
5. Perhaps (but unlikely) intensive reduplicated form *tantal-. tantalize, Tantalus from Greek Tantalos, name of a legendary king, "the sufferer"
6. Perhaps (but unlikely) zero-grade form *tl̥ə-. Atlantic, Atlas from Greek Atlās (stem Atlant-), name of the Titan supporting the world.
7. Suffixed zero-grade form *tl̥ə-to-. ablation, ablative1, allative, collate, dilatory, elate, elative, illation, illative, legislator, oblate1, prelate, prolate, relate, sublate, superlative, translate from Latin lātus, "carried, borne" used as the suppletive past participle of ferre, to bear (see bher-1) , with its compounds.
8. Suffixed zero-grade form *tl̥ə-ā-. tola from Sanskrit tulā, scales, balance, weight.
9. Nasalized zero-grade form *tl̥-n-ə-. extol from Latin tollere, to lift.

[Pokorny 1. tel- 1060.]

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