terkʷ- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root terkʷ-: contort, distort, extort, nasturtium, queer, retort, thwart, torch, torment, torque, torsade, tort, torticollis, tortuous, torture, truss.


To twist.

1. Possible variant (metathesized) form *twerk-.
a. queer from Middle Low German dwer, oblique;
b. thwart from Old Norse thverr, transverse. Both a and b from Germanic *thwerh-, twisted, oblique.
2. Suffixed (causative) o-grade form *torkw-eyo-. torch, torment, torque1, torque2, torsade, torsion, tort, tortuous, torture, truss; contort, distort, extort, nasturtium, retort1, torticollis from Latin torquēre, to twist.

[Pokorny terk- 1077.]

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