teutā- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root teutā-: deutsche mark, Dutch, factotum, Plattdeutsch, teetotum, Teuton, total, tutti.



a. Dutch from Middle Dutch duutsch, German, of the Germans or Teutons;
b. Plattdeutsch from Old High German diutisc, of the people. Both a and b from Germanic *theudiskaz, of the people, derivative of *theudō, people.
2. Suffixed form *teut-onōs, "they of the tribe" Teuton from Latin Teutōnī, the Teutons, borrowed via Celtic from Germanic tribal name *theudanōz.
3. Possibly Latin tōtus, all, whole (? < "of the whole tribe") total, tutti; factotum, teetotum

[In Pokorny tēu- 1080.]

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