to- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root to-: decoy, lest, mysticete, natheless, tales, tandem, tantamount, tauto-, than, that, the, their, them, then, thence, there, these, they, this, thither, though, thus.


Demonstrative pronoun.

For the nominative singular see so-

Derivatives include decoy, thus, tandem.

a. the2; natheless from Old English thē, thȳ (instrumental case), by the;
b. decoy from Middle Dutch de, the;
c. lest from Old English the, a conjunction. a-c from Germanic *thē, from Indo-European instrumental form *tē.
2. though from Middle English though, though, from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse thō, though, from Germanic *thauh, "for all that"
3. these, this, those from Old English thes, this, this, from Germanic *thasi-.
4. than, then from Old English thanne, thænne, thenne, than, then, from Germanic *thana-.
5. thence from Old English thanon, thence, from Germanic *thanana-.
6. there from Old English thǣr, thēr, there, from Germanic *thēr.
7. thither from Old English thæder, thider, thither, from Germanic *thathro.
8. they from Old Norse their, they, from Germanic nominative plural *thai.
9. their from Old Norse their(r)a, theirs, from Germanic genitive plural *thaira.
10. them from Old Norse theim and Old English thǣm, them, from Germanic dative plural *thaimiz.
11. Extended neuter form *tod-. that from Old English thæt, that, from Germanic *that.
12. thus from Old English thus, thus, from Germanic *thus-.
13. Adverbial (originally accusative) form *tam. tandem, tantamount from Latin tandem, at last, so much, and tantus, so much.
14. Suffixed reduced form *t-āli-. tales from Latin tālis, such.
15. tauto- from Greek to, the.

[Pokorny 1. to- 1086.]

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