wī-ro- / Indo-European roots



Oldest form *wihx-ro-, derivative of weiə-

Derivatives include werewolf, world, virtuoso.

a. werewolf, wergeld from Old English wer, man;
b. (i) world from Old English weorold, world; (ii) Weltanschauung, Weltschmerz from Old High German weralt, world. Both (i) and (ii) from Germanic compound *wer-ald-, "life or age of man" (*-ald-, age; see al-2);
c. loup-garou from Old French garoul, werewolf, from Frankish *wer-wulf, "man-wolf" (*wulf, wolf; see wl̥kwo-). Both a and b from Germanic *weraz, from shortened form *wiraz.
2. virago, virile, virtue, virtuosa, virtuoso; decemvir, decurion, duumvir, triumvir from Latin vir, man.
3. curia from Latin cūria, curia, court, possibly from *co-vir-ia, "men together" (*co-, together; see kom)

[Pokorny u̯ī̆ro-s 1177.]

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