wal- / Indo-European roots


To be strong.

1. Suffixed (stative) form *wal-ē-. vale2, valence, valetudinarian, valiant, valid, valor, value; ambivalence, avail, convalesce, countervail, equivalent, evaluate, invalid1, invalid2, prevail, valediction from Latin valēre, to be strong.
2. Extended o-grade form *wold(h)-.
a. wield from Old English wealdan, to rule, and wieldan, to govern, from Germanic *waldan, to rule;
b. Germanic *wald-, power, rule, in compound *harja-waldaz (see koro-).
3. Suffixed extended o-grade form *wold-ti-. oblast from Old Church Slavonic vlastĭ, rule.

[Pokorny u̯al- 1111.]

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