wed- / Indo-European roots


Water; wet.

Derivatives include water, hydrant, redundant, otter, vodka.

1. Suffixed o-grade form *wod-ōr.
a. water from Old English wæter, water;
b. kirschwasser from Old High German wassar, water. Both a and b from Germanic *watar.
2. Suffixed lengthened-grade form *wēd-o-. wet from Old English wǣt, wēt, wet, from Germanic *wēd-.
3. O-grade form *wod-. wash from Old English wæscan, wacsan, to wash, from Germanic suffixed form *wat-skan, to wash.
4. Nasalized form *we-n-d-. winter from Old English winter, winter, from Germanic *wintruz, winter, "wet season"
5. Suffixed zero-grade form *ud-ōr. hydrant, hydria, hydro-, hydrous, utricle1; anhydrous, clepsydra, dropsy, hydathode, hydatid from Greek hudōr, water.
6. Suffixed nasalized zero-grade form *u-n-d-ā-. undine, undulate; abound, inundate, redound, redundant, surround from Latin unda, wave.
7. Suffixed zero-grade form *ud-ro-, *ud-rā-, water animal.
a. otter from Old English otor, otter, from Germanic *otraz, otter;
b. nutria from Latin lutra, otter (with obscure l-);
c. Hydrus from Greek hudros, a water snake;
d. Hydra, hydrilla; hydrozoan from Greek hudrā, a water serpent, Hydra.
8. Suffixed zero-grade form *ud-skio-. usquebaugh, whiskey from Old Irish uisce, water.
9. Suffixed o-grade form *wod-ā-. vodka from Russian voda, water.

[Pokorny 9. au̯(e)- 78.]


To speak.

Oldest form *h2wed-.
1. Possible reduplicated form *əwe-ud- becoming *awe-ud-, dissimilated to *aweid-, with suffixed o-grade form *awoid-o-, becoming Greek aweid-, to sing (but more likely from a separate root 2weid-) ode; comedy, epode, hymnody, melody, monody, parody, rhapsody, tragedy from Greek aeidein (Attic āidein), to sing, and aoidē (Attic ōidē), song, ode, with aoidos (Attic ōidos), a singer, singing.
2. Suffixed o-grade form *wod-o-. Theravada from Sanskrit vādaḥ, sound, statement.

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