weip- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root weip-: guimpe, guipure, vibrate, waif, whip, wimble, wimple, wipe.


To turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically.

Derivatives include wipe, whip, vibrate.

1. O-grade form *woip-. waif1, waif2, waive, waiver from Anglo-Norman waif, ownerless property, from a Scandinavian source probably akin to Old Norse veif, waving thing, flag, from Germanic *waif-.
2. Variant form *weib-.
a. wipe from Old English wīpian, to wipe;
b. guipure from Old French guiper, to cover with silk;
c. whip from Middle English wippen, to whip. a-c all from Germanic *wīpjan, to move back and forth.
3. Perhaps suffixed nasalized zero-grade form *wi-m-p-ila-.
a. wimple from Old English wimpel, covering for the neck (< "something that winds around");
b. gimp1, guimpe from Old High German wimpal, guimpe;
c. perhaps Middle Dutch wimmel, auger (< "that which turns in boring") wimble.
4. Suffixed zero-grade variant form *wib-ro-. vibrate from Latin vibrāre, to vibrate.

[Pokorny u̯eip- 1131.]

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