wen- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root wen-: banyan, vanadium, Vanir, venatic, venerate, venereal, venery, venial, venison, venom, Venus, wean, ween, wen, Wend, win, winsome, wish, won, wound, wynn.


To desire, strive for.

Derivatives include win, wont, wish, venerate, venereal, venom, venison.

1. Suffixed form *wen-w-. win from Old English winnan, to win, from Germanic *winn(w)an, to seek to gain.
2. Suffixed zero-grade form *wn̥-yā-. wynn, winsome from Old English wynn, wen, pleasure, joy, from Germanic *wunjō.
3. Suffixed (stative) zero-grade form *wn̥-ē-, to be contented. won1, wont from Old English wunian, to become accustomed to, dwell, from Germanic *wunēn.
4. Suffixed (causative) o-grade form *won-eyo-. wean from Old English wenian, to accustom, train, wean, from Germanic *wanjan.
5. ween from Old English wēnan, to expect, imagine, think, from Germanic denominative *wēnjan, to hope, from *wēniz, hope.
6. Suffixed zero-grade form *wn̥-sko-. wish from Old English wȳscan, to desire, wish, from Germanic *wunsk-.
7. Perhaps o-grade form *won-.
a. Vanir from Old Norse Vanir, the Vanir;
b. vanadium from Old Norse Vanadīs, name of the goddess Freya. Both a and b from Germanic *wana-.
8. Suffixed form *wen-es-.
a. venerate, venereal, venery1, Venus from Latin venus, love;
b. suffixed form *wen-es-no-. venom from Latin venēnum, love potion, poison.
9. Possibly suffixed form *wen-eto-, "beloved" Wend from Old High German Winid, Wend, from Germanic *Weneda-, a Slavic people.
10. Suffixed form *wen-yā-. venial from Latin venia, favor, forgiveness.
11. Lengthened-grade form *wēn-ā-. venery2, venison from Latin vēnārī, to hunt.
12. Possibly zero-grade suffixed form *wn̥-ig-. banyan from Sanskrit vaṇik, vāṇijaḥ, merchant (? < "seeking to gain").

[Pokorny 1. u̯en- 1146.]


To beat, wound.

1. Suffixed zero-grade form *wn̥-to-. wound1 from Old English wund, a wound, from Germanic *wundaz.
2. Suffixed o-grade form *won-yo-. wen1 from Old English wen(n), wæn(n), wen, from Germanic *wanja-, a swelling.

[Pokorny u̯en- 1108.]

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