wers- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root wers-: guerrilla, war, worse, worst, wurst.


To confuse, mix up.

Compare ers-
I. Suffixed basic form.
1. a. war from Old North French werre, war; b. guerrilla from Spanish guerra, war. Both a and b from Germanic *werra-, from *werz-a-.
2. worse from Old English wyrsa, worse, from Germanic comparative *wers-izōn-.
3. worst from Old English wyrsta, worst, from Germanic superlative *wers-istaz.
II. Suffixed zero-grade form *wr̥s-ti-. wurst; liverwurst from Old High German wurst, sausage (< "mixture"), from Germanic *wursti-.

[Pokorny u̯ers- 1169.]

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