wes-pero- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root wes-pero-: Hesperian, vesper, vespertilionid, Visigoth, west, westerly, western.


Evening, night.

I. Reduced form *wes-.
1. Suffixed form *wes-to-. a. west from Old English west, west; b. western from Old English westerne, western; c. westerly from Old English westra, more westerly. a-c all from Germanic *west-.
2. Possibly Germanic *wis-, west, in Late Latin Visigothī, "West Goths" (Gothī, the Goths) Visigoth
II. Basic form *wespero-.
1. pipistrelle, vesper, vespertilionid from Latin vesper, evening.
2. Hesperian, Hesperides, Hesperus from Greek hesperos, evening.

[Pokorny u̯esperos 1173.]

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