šlm / Semitic roots

Examples of words with the root šlm: Islam, salaam, schlemiel, shalom, shalom aleichem, Solomon.


To be whole, sound; Common Semitic noun *šalām-, well-being, welfare, peace.

a. shalom;; shalom aleichem, from Hebrew šālōm, well-being, peace, from šālēm, to be safe, sound;;
b. Absalom, from Hebrew ʔabšālōm, my father (is) peace (see ʔb)..
2. schlemiel, perhaps from the Hebrew personal name šəlūmîʔēl, my well-being (is) God, from šəlūm, well-being, variant bound form of šālôm (see above; ʔēl, God; see ʔl).
3. Solomon, from Hebrew šəlōmōh, his (God's) peace, from šəlōm, bound form of šālôm (see above).
4. Salome, from a Hebrew personal name akin to šəlōmît, Shelomith (biblical name), from šālôm (see above).
5. salaam, from Arabic salām, well-being, peace, from salima, to be safe, sound.
a. Islam, from Arabic ʔislām, submission, from ʔaslama, to surrender, resign oneself;;
b. Muslim, Mussulman, from Arabic muslim, one who surrenders, active participle of ʔaslama (see above). Both a and b from Aramaic (Syriac) ʔašlem, to make peace, surrender, derived stem of šlem, to be whole.

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