byt / Semitic roots

Examples of words with the root byt: beta, beth, bethel.


Common Semitic noun *bayt-, house.

a. beta; alphabet, from Greek bēta, second letter of the Greek alphabet;;
b. beth, from Hebrew bêt, house, beth. Both a and b from Phoenician *bēt, house, second letter of the Phoenician alphabet..
a. bethel, from Hebrew bêt ʔēl, house of God, from bêt, bound form of bayit, house;;
b. Bethlehem, from Hebrew bêt-leḥem, house of bread (see lḥm).
3. Beta Israel, from Ge'ez beta ʔisrāʔel, house of Israel, from beta, bound form of bet, house (ʔisrāʔel, Israel, from Hebrew yiśrāʔēl; see śry).

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