hwy / Semitic roots

Examples of words with the root hwy: hallelujah, Isaiah, Jah, Jeremiah, Joel, John, Joshua, Matthew, Nehemiah, Obadiah, Tobit, Yahweh, Zechariah, Zephaniah.


To fall, happen, be, become.

1. Yahweh, from Hebrew yahweh, assumed ancient pronunciation of the name of the God of Israel, perhaps meaning "he sends down (the hosts of heaven)" causative derived stem of hāwâ, hāyâ, to fall, happen, be.
2. Jehovah, modern mispronunciation (since the 16th century ad) of Yahweh, in which the Hebrew consonants Y(J)-H-W(V)-H were pronounced with the vowels of the Hebrew word ʔădōnāy (see ʔd), which were added to the Hebrew consonantal text of the Bible to indicate that the latter word was to be read instead of the divine name.
II. Various short forms of Hebrew yahweh (see I above), found mostly in personal names.
1. Jah, from Hebrew yāh, short for yahweh, Yahweh, also appearing in the following personal names: a. Jedidiah, from Hebrew yədîdyāh, beloved of Yahweh (see dwd);; b. Matthew, from Hebrew mattayyāh (< *mattan-yāh), gift of Yahweh;; c. Nehemiah, from Hebrew nəḥemyāh, Yahweh comforted;; d. Obadiah, from Hebrew ʕōbadyāh, servant of Yahweh;; e. Tobit, from Hebrew ṭôbīyāh, my good (is) Yahweh;; f. Uriah, from Hebrew ʔûrîyāh, my light (is) Yahweh (ʔûrî, my light; see ʔwr);; g. Zechariah, from Hebrew zəkaryāh, Yahweh has remembered;; h. Zephaniah, from Hebrew ṣəpanyāh, Yahweh has hidden, Yahweh has treasured..
2. a. Hezekiah, from Hebrew ḥizqîyāh(û), my strength (is) Yahweh (see ḥzq);; b. Isaiah, from Hebrew yəšaʕyāhû, salvation of Yahweh;; c. Jeremiah, jeremiad, from Hebrew yirməyāhû, Yahweh has established;; d. Elijah, from Hebrew ʔēlîyāhû, my God (is) Yahweh (see ʔl). a-d all from Hebrew yāhû, short form of yahweh, Yahweh..
3. a. Joab, from Hebrew yôʔāb, Yahweh (is) father (see ʔb);; b. Joel, from Hebrew yôʔēl, Yahweh (is) God;; c. John, from Hebrew yôḥānān, Yahweh has been gracious;; d. Jonathan, from Hebrew yônātān, Yahweh has given (see ntn). a-d all from Hebrew , short form of yahweh, Yahweh..
4. a. Jehoshaphat, from Hebrew yəhôšāpāṭ, Yahweh has judged (šāpāṭ, he has judged; see ṯpṭ);; b. (i) Joshua, from yəhôšûaʕ, perhaps "Yahweh (is) lord" (*šûaʕ, lord; see ṯwʕ) or "Yahweh is salvation" (*šûaʕ, salvation; see wṯʕ);; (ii) Jesus, from Hebrew yēšûaʕ, shortening of yəhôšûaʕ, Joshua (see above). Both a and b from yəhô, short form of yahweh, Yahweh..

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