mlk / Semitic roots

Examples of words with the root mlk: Mameluke, Melchizedek, Melkite, Moloch.


West Semitic, to rule, dominate, possess, own; Common Semitic noun *malk-, ruler, king.

1. Melkite, from Aramaic malkāye, plural of malkāy, royal, royalist, from malkā, king.
2. Melchizedek, from Hebrew malkî-ṣedeq, my king (is) righteousness, from malk, presuffixal form of melek, king + , my.
3. Moloch, from Hebrew mōlek, from Canaanite *mulk, perhaps variant of Canaanite *malk, *milk, king.
4. Mameluke, from Arabic mamlūk, owned, slave, Mameluke, passive participle of malaka, to own, possess.

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