x̣rm / Semitic roots

Examples of words with the root x̣rm: harem, harmattan, ihram, Marrano, Muharram.


To separate, ban, prohibit.

a. harmattan, possibly from Arabic ḥarām, evil thing;;
b. Marrano, probably from Arabic maḥram, something forbidden;;
c. harem, from Arabic ḥarīm, sanctuary, inviolable place, harem. a-c all from Arabic ḥarama, to exclude, deny, prohibit;;
d. ihram, from Arabic ʔiḥrām, state of ritual purity of pilgrims to Mecca, infinitive of ʔaḥrama, to enter ihram, derived stem of ḥarama (see above);;
e. Muharram, from Arabic muḥarram, forbidden, passive participle of ḥarrama, to declare sacred or unlawful, forbid, derived stem of ḥarama (see above).

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