a clean bill of health

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شَهادَةُ نَظافَه من الأمْراض
zdravotní osvědčení
egészségügyi bizonylat
standast læknisskoîun; læknisvottorî
zdravotné osvedčenie
sağlık/sağlam raporu


(kliːn) adjective
1. free from dirt, smoke etc. a clean window; a clean dress.
2. neat and tidy in one's habits. Cats are very clean animals.
3. unused. a clean sheet of paper.
4. free from evil or indecency. a clean life; keep your language clean!
5. neat and even. a clean cut.
completely. He got clean away.
to (cause to) become free from dirt etc. Will you clean the windows?
ˈcleaner noun
ˈcleanly adverb
The knife cut cleanly through the cheese.
cleanly (ˈklenli) adjective
clean in personal habits.
ˈcleanliness (ˈklen-) noun
clean up
to clean (a place) thoroughly. She cleaned (the room) up after they went home.
a clean bill of health
a certificate saying that a person, the crew of ship etc is entirely healthy (especially after being ill). I've been off work but I've got a clean bill of health now.
a clean slate
a fresh start. After being in prison he started his new job with a clean slate.
come clean
to tell the truth about something, often about something about which one has previously lied.
make a clean sweep
to get rid of everything unnecessary or unwanted. The new manager made a clean sweep of all the lazy people in the department.
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permitted to land, though we showed a clean bill of health. They
Summary: ISLAMABAD -- President Asif Ali Zardari underwent a medical check-up in a London hospital on Sunday and his doctors gave him a clean bill of health.
In evidence to a powerful Commons committee, James Murdoch said the highly-respected legal firm Harbottle and Lewis had given News International 'a clean bill of health' following a review of emails relating to the phone-hacking scandal.