a far cry

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على مَسافة بَعيدة
daleko od
meget fjernt fra
jó messze
löng leiî; gjör ólíkur
çok farklıdağlar kadar farklı


(krai) verb
1. to let tears come from the eyes; to weep. She cried when she heard of the old man's death.
2. (often with out) to shout out (a loud sound). She cried out for help.
nounplural cries
1. a shout. a cry of triumph.
2. a time of weeping. The baby had a little cry before he went to sleep.
3. the sound made by some animals. the cry of a wolf.
a far cry
a long way (from). Our modern clothes are a far cry from the animal skins worn by our ancestors.
cry off
to cancel (an engagement or agreement).
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