a fortiori

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a for·ti·o·ri

 (ä fôr′tē-ôr′ē, ā)
For a still stronger reason; all the more.

[Latin ā fortiōrī : ā, from + fortiōrī, ablative of fortior, stronger.]

a fortiori

(eɪ ˌfɔːtɪˈɔːraɪ; -rɪ; ɑː)
for similar but more convincing reasons: if Britain cannot afford a space programme, then, a fortiori, neither can India.

a for•ti•o•ri

(ɑ ˌfoʊr tɪˈoʊ ri; Eng. eɪ ˌfɔr ʃiˈɔr aɪ, eɪ ˌfoʊr ʃiˈoʊr aɪ)

adv. Latin.
for a still stronger reason; even more certain; all the more.

a fortiori

A Latin phrase meaning for a stronger reason.
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Adv.1.a fortiori - with greater reason; for a still stronger, more certain reason; "if you are wrong then, a fortiori, so am I"

a fortiori

advaufgrund des Vorhergehenden
References in classic literature ?
If you ask me how she managed it, I can't tell you; it's no business of mine, and, a fortiori none of yours.
As that venerable and learned poet (whose voluminous works we all think it the correct thing to admire and talk about, but don't read often) most truly says, "The child is father to the man;" a fortiori, therefore, he must be father to the boy.
Virilio's decades-long diatribe against technology--technology as such, and a fortiori the Enlightenment project--involves a conception of "the accident" as technology's essential, defining defect, a flip-side automatism in a kind of technoentelechy.