à langlaise

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à l'an•glaise

(a lɑ̃ˈglɛz; Eng. ˈɑ lɑŋˈgleɪz, -ˈglɛz)
French. in the English manner or style.
References in classic literature ?
Her dress that evening was very becoming; she wore a black velvet robe without ornament of any kind, a black gauze scarf, her hair smoothly bound about her head and raised in a heavy braided mass, with long curls a l'Anglaise falling on either side of her face.
Le president du conseil de la Region et president en meme temps de l'arrondissement de AEn Chock a file a l'anglaise juste une dizaine de minutes apres l'ouverture de la reunion.
HAYDN A L'ANGLAISE Cafe Mozart (Nimbus Alliance NI6174) This is an utterly charming release, evoking musical evenings in a late-18th century drawingroom playing compositions by the great Dr Haydn, all the rage in England and throughout Europe.