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à la

also a la  (ä′ lä, ä′ lə, ăl′ə)
In the style or manner of: a poem à la Ogden Nash.

[French, short for à la mode de, in the manner of.]

à la

(ɑː lɑː; æ lə; French a la)
1. in the manner or style of
2. (Cookery) as prepared in (a particular place) or by or for (a particular person)
[C17: from French, short for à la mode de in the style of]

à la

or a la

(ˈɑ lɑ, ˈɑ lə, ˈæl ə)
in the manner or style of: a short poem à la Ogden Nash; tuna à la provençale.
[1580–90; < French]


(ˈeɪ lə)

n., pl. a•lae (ˈeɪ li)
1. a wing.
2. one of a pair of various winglike structures or processes, as the top of a hipbone or a side petal of certain flowers.
[1730–40; < Latin: wing, armpit, shoulder, representing *aks-lā, derivative of same base as axis axle (see axis1); see axle]




1. American Library Association.
2. Associate in Liberal Arts.

à la

[ˈɑːlɑː] prepà la

à la

prepà la
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