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He said: "I grabbed a pair of secateurs, charged out into the garden brandishing them as though they were a cavalryman's sabre, and rushed at him, screaming threats.
Whether out on a lengthy walk or a short stroll in the countryside, may I suggest they take with them a pair of secateurs and while admiring the wonderful countryside which exists on the outskirts of our city, do some clearance work?
Put the bag over the poppies' seed heads and then cut the head off with a pair of secateurs or tough scissors.
Most, however, need only a pair of secateurs, sharp enough to make a clean cut back to a dormant outward-facing bud.
A pair of secateurs were stolen after a thief broke in to a garden.
Today we find out: * Gardening writer and presenter Alan Titchmarsh says: "I've just discovered a great Dutch supplier of garden tools called de Wiltfang ( and would love one of their long-arm pruners which has a pair of secateurs at the end of a 2m pole.
But don't worry if a super tree has the odd broken twig, these can be removed and the tree shaped with a pair of secateurs.
"I'm tempted to get a pair of secateurs and cut it myself!