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also A-O·kay (ā′ō-kā′)
adj. Informal
Perfectly all right: The doctor said it was A-OK to discontinue the medicine.

A-OK adv. & n.
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Adj.1.A-Okay - in perfect condition or ordera-okay - in perfect condition or order  
go - functioning correctly and ready for action; "all systems are go"
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Assaulting school children with a belt or cane was A-Okay until 1982.
I was driving along the motorway, everything appeared to be fine, the vehicle was a-okay, and the next thing there's flames coming up my windscreen," he said.
But if string-pulling Simon thinks everything's A-Okay he's got another think coming.
What I am writing to you about is to ask if I could send you a brief letter that you could print in a Countryside issue that will let the pen-pals know I am doing a-okay, and why I haven't been keeping in touch with them.
He said: "He schooled well over a National fence last week and is A-okay.
SPACEMAN A-OKAY -- The United States broke the space barrier May 5 when Alan B.
On my last trip home we received my mother in law's pension confirmation form asking that she visit in person to confirm she was alive or send an affidavit signed by a Class I gazette officer (as if the rest of us were the great unwashed as compared to these gazetted guys, whatever that means) attesting that she was still a-okay.
But we just celebrated our third anniversary, and we're doing a-okay.
The silly people who led you to believe that the environment was a-okay.