ab ovo

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ab o·vo

 (ăb ō′vō)
From the beginning.

[Latin ab ōvō : ab, from + ōvō, ablative of ōvum, egg.]

ab ovo

(æb ˈəʊvəʊ)
from the beginning
[literally: from the egg]

ab o•vo

(ɑb ˈoʊ woʊ; Eng. æb ˈoʊ voʊ)

adv. Latin.
from the beginning.
[literally, from the egg]

ab ovo

A Latin phrase meaning from the beginning (literally, from the egg).
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ab ovo

adverb (Latin) from the start, from the first, from the beginning, from scratch (informal), from the word go (informal), ab initio (Latin), from the egg, from first principles
References in classic literature ?
"I begin ab ovo. 'The enemy of the human race,' as you know, attacks the Prussians.
Nec gemino bellum Trojanum orditur ab ovo --do you understand that?" says he, with a keen look.
Citing a recent study, Sng attributes to Locke "the first linguistic turn not only in the modern period but in the history of philosophy" (45)- The priority or "firstness" credited here is one that Locke's Essay self-consciously claims for itself as a hallmark of its modernity: just as the understanding is supposed to begin ab ovo, severed from any history that might compromise its originality, so too does the Essay aim to make a new beginning in the history of philosophy with its propositions concerning the understanding and, consequently, the origination of agendas and itineraries of knowledge.
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