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1. Not caused by bacteria.
2. Free of bacteria.


(Biology) not caused by or characterized by the presence of bacteria


(ˌeɪ bækˈtɪər i əl)

not caused by bacteria; free from the presence of bacteria.
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Abacterial cystitis induced by the consumption of ketamine is now a well-documented fact.
Estimation of efficiency magnitolazer therapies in treatment sick of the inflammatory form of a chronic abacterial prostatitis.
16) Interestingly, the authors observed that the incidence of chronic bacterial prostatitis and abacterial prostatitis was similar between the patients with lifelong PE and acquired PE.
24), (25) In men, systemic enzyme support is a very efficient therapy for both bacterial and abacterial prostatitis, as well as associated sexual dysfunction.
The atlas contains about 300 color figures of about 80 patterns of blistering and pustular diseases, including autoimmune bullous diseases, hereditary bullous diseases, bullous diseases due to infections, bullous eruptions in other diseases, and skin diseases with abacterial pustular eruptions.
Abacterial biofilm is often the cause of persistent infections and has been associated with osteomyelitis, pneumonia in patients with cystic fibrosis, and prostatitis.