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Adj.1.abasic - of or relating to abasia (inability to walk)abasic - of or relating to abasia (inability to walk)
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Chemiluminescent method for quantifying DNA abasic lesions in scleractinian coral tissues.
Oxidative damage leads to DNA base alterations, such as abasic sites, oxidized base modification, deamination, methylation, nucleotide deletion, nucleotide insertion, bulky abducts, single-strand breaks (SSBs), double-strand breaks (DSBs), inter- and intra-strand cross-links (ICLs), and DNA-protein cross-links (7).
There is growing consensus that affordable, quality healthcare is abasic human right.
Abasic sites are repaired by APE1 to avoid mutagenic bypass, replication fork stalling, or conversion to double strand breaks.
There is some analogy here between the abasic site in the second G-run and the G for A substitution which has been the subject of recent studies by two different groups [36,37].
ROS cause alterations of purine and pyrimidine bases (resulting in modified bases), loss of purines (resulting in abasic sites), and single and double strand breaks and cross-links to other molecules [55, 56].
Tainer, "Abasic site recognition by two apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease families in DNA base excision repair: the 3 ends justify the means," Mutation Research/DNA Repair, vol.
Ant1 is abasic PIFA with the same dimensions of the proposed antenna 51 x 14 x 4 [mm.sup.3] (Figure 2(a)).
Ericksson, "PLS-regression, abasic tool of chemometrics," ChemomIntell Lab Syst, vol.
In any interval between the two adjacent zero-crossings [Z.sup.(i).sub.j] = [[Z.sup.(i).sub.f][Z.sup.(i).sub.f+1]], the signal of ith IMF is defined as abasic analyzable mode cell; the introduction of the EMD-IT for hard thresholding is shown in
This is evident by high levels of the DNA damage marker protein [gamma]H2AX (P < 0.05; the phosphorylation of histone H2A variant H2AX at Ser139) and increased apurinic/apyrimidinic sites (abasic site; a location of the DNA which has neither a purine or pyrimidine base, this may occur spontaneously or are a result of DNA damage).
Besides, spontaneous decay of the DNA molecule may generate hydrolysis that creates abasic sites and deamination, causing a change in the original bases.