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 (ăb′ə-tē′, -tĭs)
n. pl. ab·a·tis (-tēz′) or ab·a·tis·es (-tĭ-sĭz)
A defensive obstacle made by laying felled trees on top of each other with branches, sometimes sharpened, facing the enemy.

[French, pile of things thrown down, from Old French abateis; akin to abattre, to throw down; see abate.]
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(ˈæbətɪs; ˈæbətiː) or


1. (Fortifications) a rampart of felled trees bound together placed with their branches outwards
2. (Fortifications) a barbed-wire entanglement before a position
[C18: from French, from abattre to fell]
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(ˈæb əˌti, -tɪs, əˈbæt i, əˈbæt ɪs)

n., pl. ab•a•tis (ˈæb əˌtiz, əˈbæt iz)
ab•a•tis•es (ˈæb əˌtɪs ɪz, əˈbæt ə sɪz)
a defensive obstacle formed from rows of tree branches, with an end of each branch facing outward toward the enemy.
[1760–70; < French; Old French abateis < Vulgar Latin *abatteticius, derivative of Old French abattre (see abate)]
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Noun1.abatis - a line of defense consisting of a barrier of felled or live trees with branches (sharpened or with barbed wire entwined) pointed toward the enemyabatis - a line of defense consisting of a barrier of felled or live trees with branches (sharpened or with barbed wire entwined) pointed toward the enemy
line of defence, line of defense - defensive structure consisting of a barrier that can be employed for defense against attack
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Lieutenant Charpentier ordered a clearing made and a circular abatis of underbrush constructed about the camp.
The besieged had drawn together a pile of black logs and branches of trees, which they had formed into a chevaux-de- frise, making a little circular abatis in front of the entrance to the cave.
Caption: An American Soldier gets hands-on training on abatis charges with French troops
This was combined with fried potato strips (pommes de terre paille), adobong banlun-balunan (abatis de poulet a la Tagalo) and asparagus wrapped in hamon Bulakenya (jambon froid asparagen branche).
Abatis: A defense constructed by placing felled trees lengthwise one over the other with their branches toward the enemy's line, and piling them up until a shelter for workmen is obtained.
Abatis, "Analysis of CCTV digital video recorder hard disk storage system," Digital Investigation, vol.
(14) Especially significant variation in legal practice, service landholding norms, and the status rights and obligations of servicemen occurred south of the Abatis Line from the 1630s, when the military colonization of the new Belgorod Line frontier selected for settlement by odnodvortsy, yeomen recruited from plebeian social origins, with smaller service lands, smaller entitlement rates, few or no peasant tenants, and (until the 1650s) exemption from distant service in the campaign army.
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